Advance Auto Parts Grinder was a monster truck, sponsored and fielded by Advance Auto Parts. It was driven by Frank Krmel, John Seasock, Lupe Soza and Nicole Johnson.


Advance Auto Parts Grinder made its debut on December 5, 2009 at the Minneapolis Metrodome in Minneapolis-St. Paul. At the time, its only driver was former Monster Jam World Finals Freestyle Champion, Lupe Soza. He gave the vehicle the nickname "The People's Truck".
Advance Auto Parts Grinder 2

Advance Auto Parts Grinder doing a wheelie

Following the success of the truck, the team revealed they would be fielding a second Grinder, which would be driven by two-time World Racing Champion John Seasock. Yet another Advance Auto Parts Grinder would hit the circuits at the beginning of the 2011 season. This one would be driven by another prolific name in all of monster trucks; Frank Krmel. Frank would show his worth to the team by snapping Dennis Anderson and Grave Digger's nine-race winning streak at the Georgia Dome. This star-studded team would lead Grinder to its first World Finals on March 26, 2011. For World Finals XII, Krmel drove the truck to the second round of racing while qualifying eleventh, only to roll it while facing Lupe's former truck, El Toro Loco. Soza took the wheel for freestyle but flipped it after only thirty-eight seconds, earning an 8 from the judges. The Texan said he would attempt a move nobody had ever seen before, but he never got the chance as he was presumably saving the best for last. However, all three Grinders piloted by their drivers came out for the encore and put on a show. At the beginning of 2012, Frank would be sidelined breifly with an injury so Nicole Johnson was brought to the team. After doing a great job for the Advance Auto Parts Grinder crew, she was invited to the first ever Young Guns Shootout at Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam World Finals XIII presented by NGK Spark Plugs.
Advance Auto Parts Grinder 3

Advance Auto Parts Grinder destroys an RV

Advance Auto Parts Grinder was set to take on its next World Finals on March 24, 2012. The two-time racing champ John Seasock was ready for the track. Seasock qualified eleventh with a 16.72, yet ended up meeting a loss in round two to Lucas Oil Crusader. Lupe Soza went out for some freestyle hoping to improve on his performance from last year. He did, but only by seven points as he got a 15 from the judges after wiping out on a destroyed obstacle which had El Toro Loco stuck in it after 1:17.


Advance Auto Parts Grinder receives primary sponsorship from Advance Auto Parts only. The "G" in "Grinder" moves around during action on the track. All AAPG are running with a CRD chassis.

Engine 540 CI Merlin
Horsepower 1500
Transmission Coan 2 Speed
Tires 66" Tera